Is Vapor95 Legit?

Is Vapor95 Legit?

We get asked this question a lot. We understand that fraudulent sites and scams are an unfortunate aspect of the technology-driven world we live in. We all know that these shady sites exist, and that purchasing items online can at times feel like a risky experience. Let this message ease your concerns. Customer trust, high-quality manufacturing practices, and exceptional customer service have always been at the core of our brand. We take pride in our authentic customer relationships, and it shows. We have hundreds of glowing reviews from extremely satisfied customers.

Locally Owned

We’re living in an age in which the majority of the goods that we purchase are manufactured overseas. Cheap labor, loose regulations, and low-quality, inexpensive materials have created a culture of overseas manufacturing becoming the norm. Vapor95 believes that a commitment to providing high-quality, American-made products is the key to ensuring that every item a customer purchases exceeds their expectations. Our products are handmade in Los Angeles, California with a meticulous attention to detail. Honest, open communication, guaranteed quality of goods, and a living wage work environment are just a few of the reasons why we pride ourselves on being a locally-owned, American-made company.


Vapor95 prides itself on maintaining an extremely high quality standard for all of our clothing. We use an ultra comfortable poly-fleece fabric for our all over print products and the finest Supima Cotton for our graphic products. 

How It's Made

Want More?

We invite you to explore our brand further by checking out our great customer testimonials, tagged Instagram photos from satisfied customers, and syndicate stories on our Instagram page. We understand the risks that online consumers face. We take pride in setting ourselves apart with our strong emphasis on customer trust and excellent craftsmanship.

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