Hello Mizucat! where does your name come from? How did you come up with this and is there any particular meaning for you behind it?

Mizu is Japanese and stands for water. I really like how Mizu sounds!  Since my star sign is Pisces, which is element water, I decided to use this in combination with cat, which has always been my favorite animal. I was very young when I came up with this name, haha!

How old were you and do you remember the moment when you realized that you were really attracted to 80's/90's pop culture/Animes and everything that inspires you today? 

It came time after time, I love watching anime and reading mangas since I can remember. I think I watched my first Anime when I was 8.

The passion for the '80s and '90s was always kind of there, but I recognized it when I was about 14 years old.

What was your first gaming console and your favorite game of all time?

My first gaming console was a Gameboy Advance (it was the newest Nintendo handheld at this time, I think) and I got it with Pokemon Gold which I became obsessed with! I still love it and it’s one of my favorite games.

What inspired you to redesign Gameboys and different consoles? And where do you get your supplies from if it's not a secret?

It started with fixing and restoring an NES. I did a very basic spray paint on it and I was like:

"If I have the possibility to give old mistreated systems a second chance, I should make the funkiest things out of them". So I bought a few spray cans in some nice '80s and '90s colors and created some designs that came out pretty cool and people loved it! That motivated me and kept me coming up with new designs and ideas. And now here I am for sure I tried to keep it all in the Mizucat style.

It’s no secret! Haha! I get the systems from eBay mostly and the replaceable and new parts like colored buttons, etc. from shops like Deadpanrobot, Handheldlegend, Retromodding and more. My spray paint is high quality graffiti spray paint from Montana and Molotow (mostly).

How far do you think you could take your art? How do you see your highest point in your career?

I am asking this myself a lot. Haha. Since I focus on '80s art which became very popular right now, I am not sure if people will be still interested in this in five years. But I believe I will evolve as well, so I try to think positive and see myself doing this for a living in the future. I really want to do this until the very end of my life. It’s my true passion and I think if you work hard and with love you can take it very far!

We saw little clips of your music on Instagram. Any upcoming projects in the future?

Yes, I always want to take a little bit of my very busy life and spend it on producing (even when I am not the best at it). It is so much fun and I will keep on working on this as well! There’s a little side project coming soon with a friend which is top secret for now. Sssh! 

Who inspires you the most music wise? 

That's not easy! I can’t pick just one but it’s definitely the old tracks by Lazerhawk, my friend Waveshaper, Pengus and Lifelike. There are so many more I adore, but it’s mostly the analog sound of the '80s that inspire me and Waveshaper and Pengus are absolutely amazing with this!

Final question ^_^ Would you ever consider custom painting your lovely car? 

Oh no! I know it could look really rad but my beloved Elke is in original condition which is very rare AND the car itself is really rare as well So I’m already happy that she is how she is. I would love to get a little '80s car as project for customizing in the future.

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