Darknet Mixes


Vapor95.com through its Vaporwave lifestyle blog DARKNET presents 4 unique mixes - Mythic RealmsAlone Time, DARKSTAR, and SERENITY. Each with a different vibe and feel, spanning a wide range of genres, tempos and emotions.


First and most recent is Mythic  Realms, which includes a softly melted down attitude that is the core of the whole Vaporwave movement. A Vapowave mix to float smoothly into your own luxury dreams.


Next is Alone Time. A mix featuring future beats and warm 808s infused with old records and samples. It will take you on a smooth sailing tour as an astronaut of your own inner spaces.


Come to the DΛRKSTΛR. A Synthwave mix to jack your mind into the mainframe computer. Twist that throttle and let your neon tires kick up some pixelated dust. Let yourself ride off into an FM sunset. 


And finally, we bring you a Lo-Fi Hip-Hop mix SERENITY, full of amazing compositions where grooves, soulful melodies, and Lo-Fi samples are all blended together. A mix for you to relax your mind and cultivate creativity. 


Enjoy the adventure brought by these four unique and amazing mixes and make sure to follow us on Soundcloud

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