January Vaporwave Playlist

h a p p y n e w y e a r | Welcome to Darknet's deep foray into some of the best Vaporwave music on the net. We're counting down 10 of our favorite full-length Vaporwave albums for our January Vaporwave Playlist, so drift into the v i r t u a l r e a l m and bask in the nostalgia of this essential playlist.    

10) Lasership Stereo - Meet Local Singles

If you're searching for an a
lbum that's relaxing and straightforward then look no further. This album features some fantastic chopped-and-screwed samples and immerses the listener in chill, easy-listening slow jams. "Meet Local Singles" incorporates nostalgic sounds and presents you with an undeniably 80s vibe. The album was published by Ailanthus Recordings, which happen to be one of the biggest innovators in the Vaporwave scene.
9) Hallmark '87  ​-EPHEMERAL DREAM

It is guaranteed that Hallmark '87s album will transport you into another dimension, one filled with neon dreams and auditory nostalgia. This album feels like the final days of summer and is filled with gentle and silky sounds.  As Hallmark '87 says: "I make music that gets people to feel nostalgic about a time they never existed in." and he sure does. The album was once sold in cassette tapes, which were purple tinted and contained bonus tracks and digital albums.
8) Kappa - Shinkansen

Welcome to "Shinkansen" - the Japanese word for a bullet train. And like the high speed train it's named after, this album is making a major journey throughout not only Japan, but the entire world. The songs use dreamy Vaporwave samples and combines vaportrap, hypnagogic pop, and ambient influences. The album was created by the English vapor producer Kappa and later released by Shkuramen Garden.
7) Future 80's Records - Synth Love Affair Vol.1

Interestingly enough, this album is a compilation of different artists' music and has been combined under one title. The mix was actually a present from the producer Marko Maric to his wife for her birthday. Although it is more on the synth side, this album contains amazing sultry-synthwave tracks and is filled with Vaporwave gems throughout. It's truly a monumental masterpiece and is made with superb style and groundbreaking techniques.
 6) PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises - Home™

The creator of this album was Vektroid ( a.k.a Ramona Xavier) and it was her first album under this alias. It brings an impressive feeling of nostalgia and will make your reality much more aesthetic. The tracks consist primarily of original MIDI-styled compositions and are artfully blended. Later on, Xavier released a new version of the album, titled "Home: Complete Edition" independently.
5) Love Potion - XXX

As a result of the collaboration between Cocainejesus and Vaperror, a magnificent album called "XXX" was created. They are undoubtedly one of the best Vaportrap duos, although they create so many different typres of tracks, Love potion teamed up here to create a classic. Cocainejesus 's unorthodox melodies combined with Vaperror's trap percussion produces a unique sound with clear potential. The album was released by Plus100 Records and is sold in cassettes.
4) Luxury Elite/Saint Pepsi - Late night delight (Remastered)

A must-have album for every Vaporwave fan. The collaboration between Luxury Elite and Saint Pepsi creates classic smooth grooves and is a seminal future funk classic. The album immerses you into a beautiful array of sounds and forms a really smooth and exciting atmosphere. It is sure to take control of your reality as you relive or reimagine the aesthetic and nostalgia of the 80s.
3) Nmesh - Pharma

This album is literally an inter-dimensional trip through space and time. It's built solely from tunes that will both relax your mind and bring you to the edge of your seat. Nmesh can be described as the modern master of tripped-out plunderphonic sounds, and he proves it again with this breakthrough album. It sounds very compelling and brings psychedelic sounds to the vaporwave stage.

Christmas has never been so groovy, thanks to this album. It was released on the December 25th, 2017 and was a gift for the fans of Sailorwave I. The album is living up to it's predecessor, and creates one nostagia-fuled stellar experience. The tracks blend J-pop, future funk, hip-hop, dance, vaporwave and more. マクロスMACROSS 82-99 has the power to brighten up any gloomy day, since the songs are so inspirational.
1) ESPRIT 空想 - Virtua.zip
The winner on the list is a game-changing release by George Clanton ( a.k.a ESPRIT 空想), who possesses amazing musical ability and is always ready to send you off into a new dimension. Each track works with stable musical themes and sometimes uses unique samples to create some interesting dynamics. This album came out of nowhere, and for the it has gained so many fans even though it's a relatively new album. All of the songs have a nostalgic vibe about them and always feels so masterful. This is one of the albums that proves that vaporwave was never dead.