Top 8 Vaporwave Christmas Gift Ideas


By: Tanya Kisiova

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life can be a challenge, but we have you covered for all of your gift-giving needs with our Vaporwave Christmas gift guide!

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We all had that one friend that was obsessed with Gameboy as a child. As adults, they still probably feel a sense of nostalgia for old-school Gameboy merchandise. This iPhone case will be the perfect gift for them to always remember the colorful, playful memories of childhood gaming. 
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If your friend is still Vaporwave-curious and searching for muted Vaporwave apparel, this aesthetic starter pin pack is the perfect gift for them. They are so compact and are a stylish touch on their backpack, jacket, shirt, etc. The pins are a fantastic finishing touch on any outfit, and they pair outstandingly well with the V95 Bomber Jacket.
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The a e s t h e t i c of Christmas usually involves curling up with a blanket at home watching a Christmas movie with a cup of hot cocoa by your side. When you reach for your hot chocolate, tea or coffee, do so in style with this artistic Yoko Honda mug. This piece will add a welcomed pop of color to the white, snowy palette of winter.
aesthetic, vaporwave, socks
Winter can get cold and blustery, so having a thick pair of socks in this season is an absolute necessity. Keep your friend warm and toasty this season with these Vapor95 socks. The gift of aesthetic socks never goes unappreciated. 

4.) Senpai Tumblr Aesthetic Backpack
aesthetic, vaporwave, backpack
Japanese anime is at its peak and is only continuing to grow in popularity. Why not surprise your anime-loving friend with this stylish Senpai backpack? We can guarantee that this sexy new wardrobe addition will make them the talk of the town. 
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Everyone is searching for comfort and warmth during the winter season. Share your aesthetic fantasies with this Through Time Blanket and give someone the gift of comfort, style, and sophistication. 
aesthetic, vaporwave, hoodie
Trying to keep up with the constantly-changing fashion landscape of the modern world can feel like a struggle at times. Vaporwave style never goes out of fashion and outlives trends that come and go. Introduce your friend to Vaporwave fashion or expand the collection of the Vaporwave connoisseur in your life. Either way, style and comfort will ensue. 
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Give the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season with a Vapor95 gift card. Let your loved ones indulge their aesthetic fantasies with the gift of choice from the #1 vaporwave fashion website. 

We hope that this guide was helpful in your process of searching for the perfect Christmas gift. But never forget that the biggest present of all is spending time with friends and family. Happy Holidays!