Vapor95 Symposium 2019 Recap


On the weekend of July 5th, 6th and 7th Vapor95 hosted its second pop up shop experience: The Vapor95 Symposium 2019. Held in Los Angeles, the 2019 Symposium featured a three day Vaporwave shopping mall experience, a runway fashion show, and dance party, all in the surrealist Creatington Studios.

vaporwave party fashion show pop up

The Symposium featured Vaporwave design and art installations by eminent Los Angeles art gallery Chewing Foil as well as artists Internet Paradise, Tara Noir and Lordess Foudre.

Day One kicked off with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic shopping experience fulfilling all of the shopping desires you came to expect from Vapor95, with racks of clothes, pins, shoes, blankets and nostalgia inducing times.

We wrapped up the first day of shopping with Cherdleys' fashion show while Alain de Saracho provided the retro auditory bliss for the catwalk. Journalists and press abounded while our models showed off their aesthetic fits.

It was amazing meeting so many fanscustomers of Vapor95 and supporters of our brand and cause! We are so thankful for everyone that came. 

Day Two. Racks and racks of your favorite Vapor95 fashion. A statue of h e l i o s pierced into the souls of those who entered. The iconic V everywhere.

After day two's all day pop up shop we had the official Symposium after-party with a plethora of DJs. This was made more epic by a spectacular light display on the dance floor and TV wall curated by Paul Plastic and Chewing FoilCyna started off the night with some spectacular synthwave, Baja Ajax played us his pure all original set of Vaporwave, Frank Javcee got the dance floor moving with his late 90's, early 2000's pop hits playlist. Corbo dazzled with his surrealist Vaporwave set played on a modular synthesizer, and Spook Daddy ended the night with some throbbing Caribbean booty music and breaks.

Day Three was a sad day, but all good things must come to an end. Experiences end but feelings are everlasting.

What a splendid way to spend three days. Fashion, art, music, design, nostalgia, and bliss.

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Don't feel bad if you missed this pop-up, like we always say, 'the aesthetic revolution is only getting started'.

Stay tuned for news about our next pop-up experience.