Zen Beanie Hat Vapor95
Zen Beanie Hat Vapor95

Zen Beanie

$ 17.95
This design is your little slice of daily aesthetic Zen. Where did the Vapor95 Zen come from? One year, we asked a Zen monk to help h e l i o s reach a much-needed enlightened creative breakthrough. h e l i o s, eternal Vapor95 pupil, had some trouble with the seated meditation. In a fit of rage, he threw his hands up and yelled at the monk. "I can't do this meditation crap!" The Zen master said to him, "do exactly the opposite of what I tell you." So h e l i o s didn't. Thus, he became enlightened.
  • One size fits all.
  • This beanie is custom made per order, allow 2-6 weeks for production.
  • Hand embroidered in Los Angeles.
  • We ship internationally and offer free shipping on domestic orders over $75.