• Did Vaporwave Die and Who Killed It?

    Did Vaporwave Die and Who Killed It?

    DID VAPORWAVE DIE AND WHO KILLED IT?  Adan Kohnhorst   To understand and answer the question "Is vaporwave dead?”, we must first look at its source of origin. The genre has been largely defined by its own fleeting nature, building...

  • Artist Spotlight: Palm Treat

    Artist Spotlight: Palm Treat

    ARTIST SPOTLIGHT PALM TREAT Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up and how did you find yourself interested in design and sewing? Was there a pivotal moment that you can remember? Marie: I have been an artist from day...

  • Top 10 Vaporwave Albums

    Top 10 Vaporwave Albums

    Top 10 Vaporwave Albums Vaporwave music is a unique form of art known as appropriation art. This style of music often contains jazz and Muzak samples that have been shifted and/or stretched. The style came to life in reaction to...

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